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I’ve got my first submission! If I get a few more (doesn’t need to be 10) then I’ll do a post for the week

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I have absolutely no idea if ur a girl or a boy but i am attracted to ur niceness and sense of humor and and yea... Hope this doesn't freak u out too much (:


I’m not 100% sure of my gender identity at the moment either. Any pronouns are fine. But no that doesn’t freak me out at all! It’s really nice, thank you!

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I really want to follow you but you have so many asks :/ maybe you should make an faq


Once I get my computer back I might do that. But for now I always tag my asks as ‘asks’, ‘ask’, and ‘questions’. I also have a separate page for just the posts.

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So I have some bad news. This weekend my computer broke down and I haven’t been able to get access to an actual computer in days and probably won’t for a while longer. I’m stuck on an ipod touch, which means I can’t photoshop at all. And since I’m not able to photoshop there’s no way I can get posts up this week.
But if you actually want some posts this week what you can do is send me submissions. I’ll have my submit box open and you can send me a link to a picture you’ve edited.
Rules of the kind of posts:
Over 10,000 notes.
Text posts only.
Not related to any fandom.
Funny in some way.

Please, please white out the names of the people who put it on your dash but NOT the original posters. Also all screenshots must be from your dashboard.

And that’s it. Just submit and I can have them up either tomorrow or Saturday depending on what time I have.

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you do that

actually there’s not that many so if you do it’s only like 7 or something

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gardelain replied to your post: I…

It’s also customary to wear a bobble hat. Wear a bobble hat in future. I am not making this up.

… I…

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I'm sitting here reading all of these literally crying from laughing so hard. Thank you for putting these together.

glad this makes people laugh that hard! 

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:) you’re welcome

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my computer broke down this weekend so i have to rely on other people’s computers. sorry if i can’t answer your ask, but i’m making sure i’ll still get a post up for the end of the week

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It's customary to ask people before you screenshot their posts and put it on a compilation post. I'm okay with it in this case, but for future reference, please ask.

that’s a much better idea than just tagging. i’ll definitely do that in the future

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