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10 months ago on June 14th | J | 74,464 notes
First time on your blog. Super awesome blog btw. And first time on an ask. So yay for first times. And again super awesome blog!!!!

thanks! first times are fun!

10 months ago on June 12th | J | 5 notes
I never thought I would end up in a megapost.

well now you did :)

10 months ago on June 10th | J | 2 notes
Omg I love your blog! Please keep on doing this for ever or something! <3

thanks! i plan on continuing it, no worries

10 months ago on June 9th | J | 2 notes
You seem like a really nice person.


thank you! :D

10 months ago on June 9th | J | 2 notes
It completely ruins a blog when it's 90% asks ugh

And so to fix that you send yet another ask?
That being said, I get that not everyone wants to see the asks so on the sidebar on the triforce links, the bottom one is just posts I’ve made (the text posts that I’ve compiled, that is) also i tag all my asks as ask, asks, and questions

10 months ago on June 7th | J | 9 notes
10 months ago on June 6th | J | 72,316 notes
Tag your it! State 10 random facts about yourself then send this to the 15 nicest people on tumblr.<3


thanks for this! but if you want to send me things like this please send them to my personal blog (bluefacedbaboons) i’d like to refrain from spamming others dashes as much as i can while still answering all my questions

10 months ago on June 2nd | J | 3 notes
Would it be possible for you to tag hate mail as "hate"?

yeah, totally, i’ll do that right now

if you or anyone else has any suggestions for specific tags for any asks as well, i can do that

10 months ago on June 2nd | J | 5 notes
I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty glad I followed. I like this blog. This is a good blog and you are a good person. uwu

glad you like it! thanks!

10 months ago on June 2nd | J | 2 notes